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Rebellious circle

Collective Rejectionand Resistance - and Visions for an End of the Inhumanity and for Human Ways of Life and Economy

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Everybody is invited!

  • You feel unwell, due to the societal reality.
  • You feel deeply helpless.
  • You want to protect yourself and your children.
  • You are missing the company of people who want to change things in a human way.
  • You see the Capitalist way of life and the Capitalist economy as the real reasons for the Corona measurements, as the reasons for war, hunger, poverty, exclusion and marginalization, for refugee movements, racism, endangerment of child welfare and many other bad things.
  • You are afraid and worried about the planned, promoted and already started changes in society, as well as the conversion of human beings into digitalized human-machine-beings (chip implementation etc.).
  • You simply stand for the idea that all human beings, with no exceptions, are allowed to live as human beings, with the goal of conserving and revitalizing nature.

Human beings only become human beings due to their communality, their ability to live as a community. And they can only remain human beings by living in and as a community. This true basis of humanity, of being human, is currently denied to us, and purposefully destroyed by economic, media, political and medical measures. These forced measures are the only way to keep alive the dead principle of multiplication of money and profit which is going against all natural and human requirements to satisfy basic human needs. These measures are not only utterly useless, they also leads to boundless suffering – up to the threat of the extinction of mankind.

Suffering already exists in our society: It is purposefully planned, arranged, dispensed and increased daily. Rejection, resistance and the overcoming of the current ways of life and economy are necessary to end this suffering. Yet we can only be successful and sustainable when we achieve this together and leave behind our internalized pressure of competition. Individual wellbeing causes healing in the society, and the wellbeing of the society requires the healing of the individual.

Within the current reality in our society, health and wellbeing are is no longer possible. Our society has lost its ability to naturally develop, and has entered a stage of decaying. Last but not least, this becomes blaringly obvious in the complete deterioration of moral standards, and the total loss of compassion within the power-grabbing political elites. Thus, there are two fundamental issues of social self-defense::

  1. United in solidarity, we refuse and resist all inhuman constraints and enforcements geared at the destruction of humans and nature – like, for instance, all Corona measurements (which are detrimental to health). Instead, we protect and care for the weak and powerless, no matter of their background, origin, skin color, religion, world view, gender, age and purpose of life.
  2. We need to change all conditions and requirements which are society-based and lead to constraints, forced measures, suffering, war, poverty and exclusion (like towards people not vaccinated against Corona). We need to overcome the existing principles of competition and profit, with the goal of establishing truly free, human, wholesome and communal ways of life and economy.

To recognize what’s behind the all-to-often deceptive surfaces, the political speeches and measures, the misleading media images – to be recognized in a society of like-minded people and to become aware of your own power – to find ways that protect, unite, and heal – to stand up and say “NO” to inhumanity – and, above all, to develop and garner real social effectiveness – for all these reasons we will meet for the First Rebellious Circle in the Startime Tipi, around the flames of an open fire.

  • The human society is severely ill, and thus also our planet.

  • The Corona measures add additional pressure to the already weakened immune system of human beings. These measures only serve the ruthless conservation of the current society, of current power structures and unevenly dispensed wealth. We need to see and understand the Corona measures as such and we need to abolish them immediately.

  • War, against whom- or whatever, even against viruses, has never promoted health. This is proven by many pandemics in history which have always been related to wars.

  • Mankind and Planet Earth suffer due to the automatic principle of constantly increased wealth (the thrive for profit), a principle originated by human beings.

  • Psychologically speaking, the current world society resembles a narcissistic personality disorder.

  • Currently, mankind refuses to face a comprehensive and self-critical evaluation of its condition, and prefers self-destruction and suppression of symptoms instead (as with the Corona measures), combined with a constant compulsion to justify unjustifiable behavior and actions.

  • In consequence, this leads to a complete loss of reality, to fantasies of almightiness and omnipotence, to totalitarian state-enforced measurement (like an absurd war against viruses), to addiction and suicides.

  • The so-called “Corona pandemic” is just ONE single, shallow and distracting symptom of this basic crisis in society. But the Capitalist measures justified by the declaration of a so-called “pandemic” can escalate uncontrollably, can lead to the denial of the existential rights of human beings who refuse to agree with these enforced measures, like the denial of access to food and other goods without proof of vaccination or a negative test result. They can also lead to state-sanctioned violation and annihilation of these non-agreeing human beings.

  • Due to the blind adherence to this distorted self-image, mankind is facing the fundamental question of liberation through healing, or self-annihilation through its daily increasing suffering.

  • Therapeutically, healing can only be achieved by healing the individual and the society, which are interconnected. This healing must be based on a holistic diagnosis.

  • Thus, we need people for a social mass movement, people who are ready and willing to fight for human needs and human rights (eating, drinking, living, being together, caring for each other, relaxation, healing…). We need people who fight for themselves, for everybody else, for nature and environment –without consideration of the pressures of profitability and financing. This requires two interacting goals:

    1. Resist, from now on, all authoritarian-barbaric tendencies within our sick society, and work on ensuring the satisfaction of the basic needs of all people, with no consideration of profitability.

    2. Strive for and create a money-worth-free society of humanity which is geared towards the real and concrete needs of humans and nature.

  • To avoid the indictment, persecution and violation of individual humans and groups, we need to see and understand the unconsciously lived societal structures and processes as the real reasons for pandemics, oppression, wars, poverty, hunger and misery. And we need to change them. Future human existence cannot take place based on the suffering of minorities or even majorities.
  • We are not helplessly at the mercy of the automatic self-purpose of profit-making, and policies deriving from this principle. When we recognize our participation as individuals and human society in this profit-driven purpose, we can build a social mass movement against it and thus achieve healing. After Corona, we must NOT return to capitalist reality, but leave it!

  • Every human being has the right to self-defense, and this self-defense has become a societal necessity to end and prevent further unmeasurable suffering, and to ensure the survival of human beings as a species in nature.

  • If we want to change things, we need to do it ourselves because we all are a part of the system. 

Thus, I call for the creation of a social mass movement!

Aktuelle Termine untenstehend!

start: 6 pm, large tipi tent at Waldcamping Thalheim, Berghausweg 5 (below Sportpark) or, depending on the weather, at another, suitable location (will be announced in good time).

duration: about 3 hours

Please bring: 

warm clothes

a pillow to sit on

flash light

if you like, food and drink. 

Please note: Only for adults, and only after pre-registration no later than the friday before. 

- Subject to change. -


To cover expenses for the event (wood for the fire, rent for the space), we ask you to support our Rebellious Circle with a

donation of and above 5,- Euro.

Hendrik Heidler, phone 0049 (0)37349 8807 (from the US: 01149-37349-8807, email:

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